Becoming a purpose-driven organization

What are we, as companies, teams, or individuals, trying to do and why? How can we break our efforts down into achievable pieces without losing focus and drive? How can we identify new opportunities along the way and re-prioritize effectively?

Through a combination of presentation and workshop activities, we will explore how to develop and establish organizational identity, purpose and themes. From there we will workshop through ideating relevant opportunities worth pursuing as well as how to decompose them into actionable, achievable, testable tasks.

Attendees will leave with a backlog of relevant tasks connected to opportunities that directly align to their goals and identity as an organization.

Available as a one or two day workshop, we’ll cover the following topics.

  • Value Stream Maps

  • Liberating Structures

  • SWOT analysis

  • Lean Startup

  • Weighted Shortest Job First

  • Impact Mapping

  • Story Mapping

  • Ready Stories

  • Acceptance Criteria

  • Definition of Done

  • Agile methodology in general

  • Agile frameworks like Scrum

  • General business management techniques and challenges