Transformation Services

Example Transformation Projects

I combine all of my services dynamically, each described further below, in my approach to achieve transformation for your organization. Here are some example of transformations your organization may be needing to make.

  • Initiate or advance automated testing efforts

  • Form certified Scrum teams

  • Cultivate a culture of experimentation and innovation

  • Transform your managers into coaches

  • Achieve business agility

  • Transform from project to product strategy

  • Increase employee engagement

  • Establish remote agility

Approach and Success Factors

It is my experience that the critical success factors with transformation efforts can be observed in the behavior of those who are making the transformation. The first of these critical success factors is the organization's level of awareness and desire of the changes being attempted. I build my training and coaching around establishing this awareness and desire, and my assessment tooling measures it. The next critical success factor can be observed in the knowledge and ability, of the organization, to make its desired changes. The primary goal of my training and follow up coaching is to accelerate and enable this knowledge and ability. The final critical success factor is in the establishment of effective reinforcement mechanisms. My approach does this by building in a continuous improvement assessment tool that I train teams and leadership on using to maintain the fitness and ability to stay solid, prevent backsliding, and additionally onboard new team members into the new and improved ways of working.

Assessment and Consulting

My coaching and training approach is to start from a place of understanding. This often initially takes form as assessment activities.

In a transformation effort, I would use this observation and analysis to cater a program that is adoptable and seeks to fit good practices within your organization's culture.


Once assessment efforts have identified and aligned us all on what needs to be done, I will work with your team to develop a tailored training program that can be reused repeatedly. This training program will include tracking tools that extend from the assessment tool and serve to track continuous improvement towards your transformative goal.

In a transformation effort, this training and assessment tooling will be a part of an overall toolkit, positioned as an implementation roadmap, for management and staff training resources, to be utilized to kick off other initiatives. The delivery of this implementation roadmap will include training and consulting on the necessary change management techniques for the success of future initiatives.

Mentoring and Coaching

Once we’ve gotten everyone off on the right foot with training, team members will then quickly gain enough experience for a mentoring and coaching approach to be effective.

At this point in a transformation, some will “just get it” while others will have identified valuable sticking points to overcome. This is a time where we can further solidify the success of the transformation through attention to what could be considered edge cases but are often found to be valuable loose ends to consider.

Ongoing Support

After the initial transformation implementation and rollout, I am prepared to support your organization through further regular, or on demand, mentoring and coaching.